Singapore Dreaming Trailer

This is a trailer of a Singapore movie which stereotype of a typical life of a Singaporean. For example, the high expectation of the Singaporean parents of their children and Singapore being very small thus have little opportunities to thrive. Other that that, it shows that Singaporeans are very realistic and judge people by their 5C (watch the trailer). They also tend to neglect their relationships to pursue their financial goals.

10S08 Nur Ain, Angela, Mei Qing, Jun Khit and Ashwini


Mrs Amy Kah said...
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Mrs Amy Kah said...

I find that the part when the actress said that Singapore is the same, there are no choices is interesting. I feel that this is true to a certain extent. This can be seen by the strict laws that the government have imposed. Singaporeans sometimes do not have the choice but to follow the laws because they do not want to get punished by the government. For example, Singaporeans are banned from consuming chewing gum or even bringing it in to Singapore and smokers are not allowed to smoke in certain areas. This limits the freedom and choices of the Singaporeans' lifestyles. On the other hand, there are choices in the lives of Singaporeans because Singaporeans can decide for themselves what they want in their lives. For example, students in Singapore can choose the type of subjects they want to study. Singaporeans have choices even in crafting their own career. They would get the job they wanted if they work hard towards it and are able to compete for what they wanted. It all lies in their hands whether they are willing to persevere to achieve their goals.

Nur Ain 10S08

K Loh said...

"Nowadays people look at what car you drive, what house you live in, what university you go to." It strikes me as a very interesting and yet very true. I agree that it is very true to a large extent, although there are very rare instances where this is not true. It is in fact, "A Dream"... very few Singaporeans ever hope of living the high life, away from society. This is because of the laws the government put in place to curtail people's rights, subjugate them so that they will think again before opposing them. How? By threatening them with measures that destroy lives. For example, the governemnt can take away your job, rendering you unable to pay the loan on your car, house, etc. They then take your house and your family will have nowhere to live. Hence, very few are brave enough and remain quiet, the sheep of the government. No matter how much "choice" we are given, the only thing that's stopping us from living a good life is the government.

-Saiful Bahri (10S25)