A crime is an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited.

One advantage is that many people would be more aware of the different crimes that are taking place today. One such example of a show about crime in Singapore is 'Crime Watch'. Crime Watch is shown in both English and Mandarin to cater to the different groups of people.

We will be concentrating on three different groups of people, mainly the youths, the elderly and the general public.

This is a video on a group of youths using violence to settle a dispute with a twelve-year-old girl and the consequences faced. This is to warn youths about the danger of violence and inform parents that they should be more concerned about their children.

One of the common ways to trick the elderly is by bringing their family members into the picture and telling them that their family members will be in danger if they do not do what they are asked to do.

This video teaches the elderly to not be so superstitious and be so gullible. The family members should also teach the elderly in their family to be more cautious especially when dealing with strangers.

The last video shows an example of a phone scam where the caller calls the victim and lies that the victim's child has been kidnapped and demands a ransom.

The video teaches us to not just believe what a stranger tells us and to double check before believing the stranger. It also teaches us what to do if we encounter these kind of situations.

Mass media creates more awareness on the different kind of crimes that happen in Singapore. It also educates them on how to deal with these kind of situations.

Done by: Felicia Law

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K Loh said...

The videos are interesting in the sense that some of the videos show really new things like the victim in the gang riot actually agreed to be assulted. I agree that the Mass media creates more awareness on the different kind of crimes that happen in Singapore. It also helps to educate people through the mass media. But it can also gives new ideas to the criminals out there, and they may even use the past offences shown for example on 'crime watch' they see on screen to generate new ideas for new crimes.
The television programme of 'Crime Watch' is catered to only those who understand English and Chinese. Those who do not understand these two languages would not be aware of the crimes that has taken place and how to avoid being victims of crime. Therefore, the television broadcasters should translate the programme into the other two main languages which are the Malay and Indian languages.
From: Chong Jing Ru, 10S01