2010 Welcome Address

Welcome to WikiTP.

The WikiTP is a TPJC English Department project aimed at increasing learner's autonomy and to build an online database of information revolving around topics that are relevant in the General Paper. Through this project, we hope to increase students' interest in world affairs and autonomy in learning.

WikiTP started in the year 2006, which proved to be a very exciting yet turbulent year for the world as the ice-caps melted, the nuclear powers tested, and nations warred. Inspired by Discovery Rewind 2006, a special Discovery programme that featured all these events and issues which surfaced in the year 2006, Miss Angela Quek from the English department decided to design a project that linked research, multimedia and ICT.

We hope you will make use of this opportunity to learn as much as you can from your research and from your schoolmate's research.

The various topics covered in this project are grouped by the labels you see on the right.

To find out more about this project, please contact any of the English enrichment sub-committee teachers from Tampines Junior College.

Project Coordinator: Miss Angela Quek
Web(Blog)master: Miss Dawn Ng
Teachers-in-charge: Mrs Karen Neo, Mrs Christine Koh, Mr Poh Chee Chau
This project is a proud joint effort of the staff and student body of Tampines Junior College.

Yours truly,

Dawn Ng