Singapore Environment Council

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC), a non-government organization, was established in 1995. The Council aims to be the organization that communities, governments and businesses would want to form a partnership with in order to achieve best-in-class sustainable city development in Singapore and beyond. Also, its mission is to form a jointed effort between people, industries and authorities so as to raise awareness and to do our part in this global community of “Green-Consciousness”. In addition, the Council is working towards achieving sustainable urbanization and to promote environmental movement within Singapore without affecting our biodiversity. By doing so, SEC plays a vital role in fighting climate change in Singapore.

Singapore Environment Council's programme has 5 aspects. They are Community education, Capacity building, Awards and endorsements, Publication and research and SEC Volunteers. First aspect would be community education, implement projects such as Bring Your Own Bag Day (BYOBD), Green Singapore 2050, Carbon Zero, Green transport, SEC Climate portal and Youth Habitat portal. Secondly, capacity Building there are projects such as Tertiary Institutions Council for the Environment and UNEP TUNZA International Children Conference on the Enviroment. Thirdly, School’s Green Audit Awards, Project Eco-office, Singapore Green labelling Scheme, Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, Green Label Community Club Certification, Green Label Food Court Certification and Green Label Hotel Certification. Fourthly, Publication and research comprises Elements, books and SEC Climate Change Slideshow. Fifth, SEC Volunteers, volunteers seek to increase public participation in environmental protection by providing hands-on activities and programmes to turn awareness into action. It attracts all sectors of the community, from students to retirees.

With their vision of aiming to be the preferred non-government organisation partner for communities, business and governments to achieve outstanding sustainable city development in Singapore and beyond, SEC has proven its capability by giving strength and bearing to the various environmental movement throughout Singapore. They have raised awareness about the importance of natural environment and responsibility citizens should adhere to with the beneficial holistic programmes they have organised. Schools are reducing to the amount of paper, companies are adopting green practices and even individuals are cultivating habits to minimise waste. In fact, SEC is so efficient that it has attracted volunteers from different background and it is growing from 50 to 1000 participants. In Singapore, 99% of the companies here are SMEs. Many SMEs are adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices in order to be recognised. With the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) many companies are adopting green practices. Hence, this goes to show that SEC has achieved successful consequences through their fruitful programmes.

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