Positive impacts of mass media

Mass media has helped to increase the awareness of the public. It has enhanced the public's general knowledge by providing fast and reliable information about events all around the world. People are able to be informed about the day-to-day events in the world through news broadcasted through various forms of mass media, such as the internet and television. News and documentaries revolving around social issues increase the public's social awareness. This also helps children by developing their concern towards society.

Newspapers, apart from updating us with the latest information and news, can also be used to provide the general public with a platform to give updates about their parts of the city, exchange their views over different issues society faces and share their thoughts on a larger scale. This is beneficial as this allows readers to gain more than one perspective towards a particular situation and not be biased.

Mass media serves as one of the best means for a speedy spread of news about important incidents or events taking place. This is because all the various forms of mass media combined would be likely to reach out to almost the entire populace of developed countries, due to most of the populace using at least one form of mass media daily. Information on events occuring in remote corners of the world can reach people far away in minutes, thanks to mass media. This speed at which information can be transmitted has proven useful in times of crisis when the mass media is able to be used to report news needing immediate attention.

Mass media has brought about a major transformation in the way the masses think. It has given them an excellent platform to present themselves before the world and contribute in their own way to the changing world scenario. People are able to voice out their views through blogs and forums. Mass media is also one of the causes for people to feel that the world has become a smaller place. This is because of the ease of interaction between people even if they are from a different country. This occurs mostly using the internet, where people are able to chat with each other online.

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