Commercialization of Sports in Singapore

Research on Singapore; sports commercialization

For instance, the upcoming Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, it is a period of time when Singapore showcase to the world our ability in organizing large-scale events and our spirit for sports. In future, profitable worldwide events would be given to Singapore to organize with confidence. Furthermore, with officials and participants coming to Singapore within the gaming period, Singapore can promote its tourist attractions and its local food to the foreigners who had never heard and been to Singapore. Back in their country, they would suggest Singapore as a place for vacation trip. Thus, sports are tools for increasing revenues for any country in procession of heading any sporting event.

More people would be involve with sports when sports are brought to be as profit use. The market for sports would be expanded when more people are involved in sports. Not only the athletes are involved, commoner can also be part of the sporting event. Whenever more people are in demand for sports, they tend to demand for more sports equipment and accessories. Thus, with more involvement of people on sports, demand for sports equipment and accessories would increase, and market of sports would expand due to an expand in supply to accommodate the high demand. As a result, sports brought profit to local businesses.

Chee Kaiyi, Angel Chan, David Law, Tjide Lisa and Han Rui Yuan


Mrs Amy Kah said...

This article is interesting because it shows the positive impacts of hosting the YOG in Singapore.

Aaron yap 10s27

A.Quek said...

This article is interesting as it covers both the international and national aspect of sports in Singapore. I feel that through events such as YOG will encourage fellow singapore to develop their passion in sports and even excel in it.

Siah Tian Jun 10S13