Commercialization in sports- China

Commercialization in sports- China

China have undergone a dramatic shift from the days when the government focused on collective gain rather than individual accomplishment. Those changes have helped foster the development of a new kind of athlete, one whose sacrifices result in fame and fortune. The shift spans the panorama of Chinese sport where athletes will pay as much as a bonus of more than $14,000 if he wins at the national level. One of the reasons that sport in China is becoming more commercial is that China government wants to use sports to build a strong image of China overseas. Thus, the Chinese government is providing more incentives to encourage more people in China to become an athlete. In other word, it means it is largely due to the money but not the motivations for pursuing in sports that make many people in China to become a professional sportsman. Commercialization of sports is unavoidable for all of us pay to play and to see others play. For example, thanks to satellite TV, people from all over the world were able to catch ‘live’ matches during the Beijing Olympic in 2008. Thus, the Beijing Olympic 2008 was a classical example in showing that sport in China is becoming a global product when people all around the world follow it. All in all, commercialization of sport can be a positive thing for it has acquired international renown for many athletes, and the Chinese government has been successful in using sport as a lucrative tool to boost up the China’s economy.

Angel Chan, David Law, Han Rui Yuan, Tjide Lisa, Chee Kaiyi

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