Bringing Up Kids The Right Way

Mothers face an uphill task bringing up their kids in today’s materialistic world. They face a greater responsibility and challenge today than ever before,in bringing up the kids as responsible and worthy citizens of the world.

Children are the future of the world and it is of utmost importance that they be taught the right values and correct thinking. Given the present scenario, where our world has shrunk and boundaries have been erased by advancing information technology, tolerance levels have hit an all time low the world over. It is high time we gear up to impart training for our kids which focuses mainly on positive emotions, all encompassing views, with the sole aim of creating responsible world citizens.

The family as a close knit unit is the right place for the child to start learning these important lessons of life. The mother being the key figure in the child’s life during the formative years plays the most important role in molding the thought processes and emotions of the little one. A calm and composed mother makes her child feel secure and sends out the message to the little one that she is in charge and that there is nothing to fear. As the child grows, confidence in the abilities of the mother increases and the child will form easy relationships with the dad and other siblings and anyone who the mother interacts with. There is an important point that moms have to bear in mind; that she should in no way exhibit any negative emotions or feelings in the presence of her child, at least till the child is about 6-7 years of age. Raising children with good values and moral behavior should be the all important duty of parents. By the time the child is about 6-7 years of age, the child should be able to respect adults, what belongs to others, should exhibit good behavior outside their homes and interact amicably and cheerfully with their peers.

Children are given to irrational behavior at times and mothers should relate to them at their level to bring them around to her point of view, at the same time make allowances once in a while. The ability of a child to understand and grasp good moral behavior would be different during the various developmental stages and as they journey through life as toddlers, adolescents and young adults. Each stage requires a different mode of handling and the extent to which allowances can be made in their favor. As teenagers, the children should be given more freedom to do the things they would like to do, but they should be taught to do so responsibly and also learn to accept the consequences of their actions and set it right if the need arises. This would teach them to shoulder responsibility and recognize right from wrong and by the time they are young adults, they would have enough experiences and would be ready to start their life on their own.

Mothers are intuitive to the emotions, feelings and actions of their kids because they are closely involved in bringing them up and she is the best person to inculcate and instill in them good habits, moral behavior and values. An intelligent mother would teach by example, communicates with her kids at all times, keep track of the kind of friends they interact with, especially when the kids reach their teens. Mothers with teenagers know only too well how tough parenting at that stage is and would do well to invite their friends over once in way and mingle with them. It would make the children proud to have a mom who cares for the friends as well, because children in their teens tend to attach a great deal of importance to their friendships. This is also an excellent way to keep track of your teenager’s lifestyle.

Parenting is a tough commitment, a long arduous journey; but when you look at the fine young adults you have reared, you know you have done your duty well and have made a great contribution towards a better world.

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Eliza Isa said...

Indeed, I agree that a family, especially the parents plays a vital role in the lives of their growing children. In the growing phase, children tend to imitate what they parents do regardless whether it is right or wrong. This would also gradually become a habit that would follow them as they grow.
Children will be able to feel the emotions of their parents and this in turn affects how they react to the things around them. If they can feel the positivity, then they will also use positive methods to solve the problems or vice versa.
In the modern society, where people are getting more concerned about their careers and standard living, modern parents are now spending lesser time with their child. Hence, in order to get to know more about your children, it would be great to interact and be aware of what your child is thinking and doing. Parents should be aware that it is impossible for children to obey 100% to what they want, children, especially growing teens need freedom and privacy. Only through mutual respect and trust, will the child and parent foster a closer relationship.