Racism in America

Racism in America is live and well. Racism will always exist even if Obama becomes President of the U.S.It has always been a problem in my lifetime. I do think things are better than fifty years ago. There have been many times when older white women clutched their pocketbooks when I walked pass them. I have seen White people receive better customer service than blacks. I have heard all races make negative comments about Hispanics. I have heard people talk about how Mexicans don't pay any taxes.I have been mistreated By Mexicans and Whites alike. There will always be racism because of so many different races. I don't think that people can look past skin color. Skin color is the first thing you notice about a person. Racism is part of everyone's life. Racism has always been around since slavery.I would like to see the day when it doesn't exist. Is racism the biggest problem in the world? I don't think it is the biggest problem. I think terrorism caused more racism against the Arabs. I think they have been stereotyped. Racism can happen in many ways. I think most people encounter racism. What is the solution to racism? I don't know what the answer is to racism. Racism affects every part of my life. There is also racism within the black community based on skin color.I don't think it exists in any other race. It should not exist in the black community. I'm not qualified to speak on other races. Racism causes problems in every community. Racism causes a chain reaction including violence. I think racism plays a part in housing and car financing. It also plays a part in how a person is perceived. I think it plays a part in simple things like table seating at a restaurant. Racism affects how you are accepted in communities. I think racism affects the quality of customer service you receive.I think there is a stereotype that Blacks don't tip well. I don't know if anyone believes racism will never exist. There is no quick fix for racism. It will take many years to fix.Racism shouldn't be an issue nowadays but it is a problem. Would racism exist if we were all equal financially. My definition of racism may be different from someone who is a Mexican or White. I only think about racism when I encounter racism.It is not hard for me to personally recognize racism. I don't think anyone knows what the world would be like without racism.

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K Loh said...

I think this post is very interesting as it touches on a very sensative issue, racism. It discusses about the definition of racism at a certain point of angle. I agree with the writer that racism is not something which is easy to fix, and it certainly cannot be fixed in a short period of time. This issue can be applied in the context of Singapore. In fact, I think Singapore is the best example since it is a multi-racial society. As the writer mentioned, racism is not the biggest problem in the world. It is actually the factor which causes racism. One of them might be terrorism. There is no guaranteed solution to this problem thus it is only possible to avoid racism, that is to always understand one another's differences and respect each others' cultures and traditions.
(Nadiah 10s25)