Elitism in the United States

Elitism is contrary to the American Ideal and stands in opposition to American values. This is not to say that elitism doesn't exist in the United States. To the contrary, there are a number of Elite enclaves scattered throughout the country.
There are elitist running the universities of our country. They try to indoctrinate the students into a socialist mindset, preach against religious values and cultural norms of established society. It's most disturbing in that they are entirely supported by the taxes and donations of the very people they hope to destroy.
There are elitist in the boardrooms of many of the major corporations working to dominate both this country and the world. They flout the laws of the land, squander human and national resources out of personal greed. More importantly, they count the average working class person is less than a valued part of society; nothing more than a tool for production to be discarded when worn out.
We find elitist running our government and at the top of political parties. For example, the leadership of the Democratic party treats minorities like invalids; unfinished humanoids who are incapable of functioning on their own. Most of us rankle at the assumption that we are limited because of skin color.
The problem with elitist is that they actively work to depower the people. The American citizen is independent, capable of making his or her own decisions and choose who they want to represent them in government. If we dislike a government leader, we can replace him. If we dislike a candidate for office, we don't vote for him.
More than anything else this is proof of the limited power of the Elites in America. The elites supporting Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 were surprised when they lost. The Elites pushing Hillary Clinton on us had better learn to respect the voting public or the next candidate will fail all the same.
American citizens don't need an elite class to make decisions. We don't need elites to tell us how to live. We are a representative democracy made up of empowered citizens. The elites have their place and purpose, but they only survive as long as they stay out of the way.

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