Violation of Children Rights in Myanmar

The government in Myanmar distributed diminutive resources to the education of children thus it led to many private institutions springing up. The government did not pay the teachers enough and the cost of school rose as resources were diverted to the army. Only the affluent families could come up with the money for sending their children to school. The situation was so devastating to the extent that teachers eventually did not come to work as the parents could not afford to pay them.

The children did not have access to proper education only but also a lack of health care. Private health care facilities became affordable for only the well-to-do. The child mortality rate rose due to the undercutting of government spending on public health care. Many of the children suffer from malnutrition due to the inefficient health care system.

Child prostitution and trafficking are also major abuses of human rights in Myanmar. Although there are laws which criminalise child prostitution and child pornography, it is still ubiquitous. The number of HIV infection among children has been on the rise due to the increase in child prostitution.

The Burmese army has been conscripting children as young as the age of 14, especially those without a family and are on the streets. These children are stationed at training camps where they are taught to support the military. They are often mistreated and tortured by the military forces when they fall short to comply with their orders.

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