Singapore Signs First Film Co-production Deal with Korea

Seoul, Sept 4, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - Production work for the US$10 million Host 2 film kicked off today following the signing of the production agreement between homegrown Boku Films, Korea's Chungeorahm Films and the Media Development Authority.Scheduled for a 2011 release, Host 2 will be jointly-produced by renowned Korean producer Choi Yong-Bae of Chungeorahm."The Host is a well-known and proven box office success. Having Boku Films and Chungeorahm onboard the project is an excellent opportunity for Singapore and Korean producers to work together to lend a new Asian touch to the genre. Talents like Kelvin Tong will be able to bring their perspectives and contributions to bear on the project, to produce content that will resonate with a global audience."KOCCA recently announced that it would support production company Chungeorahm and its CGI partner Macrograph to research and develop CGI for Host 2. Na Moon-sung, head of KOCCA's Cultural Technology department said, "We expect this project to acquire competitiveness comparable to overseas films in not only visual quality but also production efficiency, and anticipate this will upgrade the overall level of the Korean CGI industry."Said Mr Kelvin Tong: "The Host was a huge hit all over the world when it was released in 2006 and all eyes will be on its sequel. We have a lot to live up to but I am confident that the Korean and Singapore creatives working on this epic project will deliver a movie of monstrous proportions."Said producer and Chungeorahm Film's chief executive Mr Choi Yong-Bae: "I am confident that this collaboration between Chungeorahm Film, Boku Films and the MDA will develop Host 2 into the best Asian creature movie ever. This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the ties between the Korean and Singapore film industries."Currently at the scripting stage, Host 2 is scheduled to go into production in 2010. The director and the cast are yet to be confirmed. About MDAFormed in 2003, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) plays a vital role in transforming Singapore into a Global Media City and positioning it at the forefront of the digital media age. MDA spearheads initiatives that promote developments in film, video, television, radio, publishing, music, games, animation, media services and Interactive Digital Media. At the same time, in ensuring clear and consistent regulatory policies and guidelines, MDA helps to foster a pro-business environment for industry players and increase media choices for consumers

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