Sex censored on search engine in India

Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, is uneven in its response to searches including the word 'sex', reported media on Thursday.

In Europe, Australian and the US, Bing users can search with the word 'sex' and receive thousands of results which can be accessed directly from results page, due to a new feature of the program.

"You are now on a porn site without leaving Bing. Amazing," technology blogger Luic Le Meur wrote on his blog.

Child advocacy groups in Australia are outraged at the possibilities of these features.

However, at the opposite extreme, other countries are unable to access any content related to the search term 'sex'.

The new search engine, currently on pre-release internationally, turns up a blank page if the user indicates they are from India, China, or an Arabian country.

A warning on the page states: "The search sex may return sexually explicit content. To get results, change your search terms."

According to a report on website, the discrepancy was first noticed by an Indian blogger and has caused uproar on social network website, Twitter.

Users can change their country details in order to avoid the censorship, but Bing does not appear to have an option to switch of search censorship in some countries.

The search term "sex" has been consistently popular in India, Australia, and the US, ranking over 60 out of 100 since 2004 on Google Insights for Search.

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