positive and negative impacts of advertisement

example 8:

SingTel offers free advertisement-based mobile email servicePosted: 19 June 2007 1632 hrs

SINGAPORE - Southeast Asia's largest telecom firm Singapore Telecommunications said Tuesday it has become the first operator in the Asia Pacific region to offer free email services to its post-paid subscribers.

The service, called MobileM@il, will allow SingTel subscribers to send and receive emails on their mobile phones for free but text and graphic advertisements will come side-by-side with the messages, the company said.

Subscribers can manage their email profile and set up multiple accounts on their mobile phone, and can have their emails automatically 'pushed' from their Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail addresses, SingTel said in a statement.

"Care has been taken to place the advertisements in such a way that they will be unobtrusive and not break the flow of the email messages," SingTel said.

"The service ... is the first advertising-based mobile email service that will deliver real-time email for the mass market."

"Mobile phones are always with people and they are always on, making it an advertiser's dream come true," said Trevor Adey, chief executive of Consilient, a software firm which developed the technology SingTel is using for the service.

A paid version of the service will later be available to SingTel customers who do not want advertisements coming with their email messages. As handphones become more sophisticated, telecom operators are finding innovative ways to offer more than just using the device for voice calls and text messaging.

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