Finland Politics
Before proceeding on to the task I’m allocated to i.e. political parties, I will like to make a comparison between Singapore politics and Finland politics, which I have chosen as my case study.


 Follow the framework of Parliamentary System, a system of government where in the ministers of the executive branch are drawn from the legislature, and are accountable to that body, such that the executive and legislative branches are intertwined.
 Judiciary independent of executive and legislature
 Legislative power is vested in Parliament


1) President
Finland- Current President of the Republic of Finland is Tarja Halonen, a female. He/She wields greater powers such as leading in foreign policy and being Commander-in-Chief of Finland Defence Forces
Singapore- Singapore does not have a history of having a female being elected as President. Role is reckoned as ceremonial, but still have some veto power in key decisions such as use of national reserves

2) Role of government
Finland- Has limited rights to amend or extend legislation
Singapore- Share equal rights with Parliament to amend of extend legislation

3) Political parties
Finland- Proportional representation system encourages a multitude of political parties. No single party has a chance to gain power alone. Parties have to work together to form coalition cabinets.
Singapore- People’s Action Party (PAP) as the only dominant political party since 1965.

Political paries found in Finland

They are Centre Party(23.1), National Coalition Party(22.3), Social Democratic Party of Finland(21.4), Left Alliance(8.8), Green League(8.5), Christian Democrats(4.9), Swedish People's Party(4.5), True Finns(4.1), Communist Party of Finland(0.7), Seniors' Party of Finland(0.6),Bourgeois Alliance(0.3).
Numbers in brackets denotes the percentage of seats occupied in Parliament

Next, I will be detailing the information of 3 parties found in this Table which I find them significant in Finland. They are Centre Party, Green League and Swedish People’s Party.

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