Dalit 'killed' in lock-up at Kurnool

Tension between different groups of people is due to unfairness this will eventually lead to violence. This will happen regardless of the place. This can be proven as a Dalit is killed when he is lock-up at Kurnool, 12 october 2000.

Tension prevailed for some time after the alleged lock-up death of Madiga Tirupal, a Dalit, who was taken into police custody on charges of gambling.

The body of the victim was found lying on a grave in the fields adjacent to the police station. However, police were contending that the victim was not tortured, and he had committed suicide by consuming pesticide.

People laid siege to the police station for over three hours seeking explanation. The victim was arrested two days ago along with P Ramachandra Reddy, Khaja Hussain and E Subrahmanyam.

The accused were let-off after a stringent warning to come to station again on Wednes-day. However, police had to intervene again after they failed to turn-up. Witnesses stated that the victim was seen riding pillion of a constable on Wednesday night.

He was found dead in lock-up next morning. The body of the victim bore bleeding scratches indicating that it was dragged through a fence erected around the field. Blood marks were also found on the floor giving credence to the contention that the victim was killed in the lock-up and was dragged to the field.

This show that even in prison unfairness towards the minority such as Dalit is still present. They are still being looked down at.

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