Da Vinci code faces further ban

The government of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has banned the release of the Hollywood film The Da Vinci Code.
"The release of the movie could have led to demonstrations and trouble," said Andhra Pradesh's special chief secretary, Paul Bhuyan.

Andhra Pradesh is the seventh Indian state to have banned the screening of the film, which was released in May.

The movie, which portrays Jesus as married, is based on Dan Brown's book.

Christians only make up one percent of Andhra Pradesh's 80 million people.


"The minority organisations have pointed out that the film's storyline attacked the very heart of the Holy Gospel, destroying the divinity of Jesus Christ," said Mr Bhuyan.

Roman Catholic Bishop Marampudi Joji, based in Andhra Pradesh's capital Hyderabad, welcomed the ban.

"We appreciate the decision and we are grateful to the state government," he said.

Other Indian states which have banned the film include Nagaland, Punjab, Goa and Tamil Nadu.

The movie opened in India to a mixed reception at the end of May.



Eliza Isa said...
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Eliza Isa said...

Censorship is an issue that has become a concern, or probably something that has yet to be accepted by many. Such censorship of movies only prove to show that the values and underlying messages that these movies portray cannot be comprehended and understood by those who deem them as inappropriate and offensive. The hidden meanings that such religion-related movies illustrate should not be seen by the mass as an offence , but instead, the public should learn that beneath the many teachings and beliefs of religion,there are bound to be a level of truth and lies.