China's increased efforts to promote the eco-environment compensation mechanism

In recent years, the establishment of a sound ecological environment in the pace of increase in the compensation mechanism. 2001-2004, the countries of the Central forest ecological benefit compensation fund an experimental basis. Since 2005, the central government formally established the forest ecological benefit compensation fund, marks the compensation mechanism of forest ecological benefits, was formally established. Now accumulated more than 200 billion yuan invested, will focus on seven million hectares of ecological forest into the scope of compensation. In 2006, the State authorities issued on the progressive establishment of mining environmental management and ecological restoration accountability mechanisms guidance to the mines to make the deployment of a pilot eco-environmental compensation. At the same time, the central government also adopted to improve standards of environmental protection expenditures and transfer payments coefficient approach, increase of Qinghai Three Rivers, south-middle part of the natural forests, water areas and protected areas such as financial transfer payment.

Over the past 10 years, China has started the implementation of the returning farmland to forest, pasture, natural forest protection, Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control, the southwest karst rocky desertification area of governance, Sanjiangyuan nature reserve in Qinghai, Gansu Gannan important source of water recharge area of the Yellow River such as the nature of ecological compensation has some major ecological construction projects, with a total investment of more than 7000 billion yuan, of which the nature of the expenditures for a variety of subsidies for the more than 3,000 billion yuan.
Through the establishment of a compensation mechanism is to make the ecological environment of the internalization of external costs, the formation of the ecological environment beneficiaries pay spoilers compensation, builders and protectors of a reasonable compensation for a favorable operating mechanism, thereby enhancing the ecological environment of the community consciousness. Worth looking forward to is that the current parties are speeding up the development of "Eco-Compensation Ordinance," which will make the future more in the practical operation "law" Keyi.

But overall, China's ecological environment is relatively fragile situation has not fundamentally changed, particularly in promoting the ecological construction and environmental protection interests do not straighten out. "Eleventh Five-year" eco-environmental planning to limit the development of regional and prohibition of the development of regional explicitly provides that: limits the development of regional major national ecological security, including those related to protected areas of natural forest resources, forest area, grassland, "three" areas, an important water source protection areas, serious soil erosion areas and so on; prohibiting the development of region is dominated by various types of nature reserves established by law

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